How to Enjoy Your Barbados Holiday on a Budget

With the way celebrities flock into Barbados for vacation, you might be thinking it is an exclusive island for only those that are wealthy. Well, you thought wrong. Even though Barbados has several swanky restaurants and hotels, there are more budget-friendly places you can visit which are just as fun. There are several ways you can enjoy all the beauty that this island has to offer without breaking the bank and compromising your fun. We have done you the favor of gathering these tips so that you can have a budget-friendly vacation in the Island of Barbados. Let's get right to it, shall we?

Book Your Flight in Advance

When you book your flight well in advance, the prices are usually a lot cheaper than when you book them close to your travel date. Trust us, we've tried it. This is the first step to saving some money. Booking your flights before the holidays is also a good tip as the cost reduces because of the decrease in tourists visiting the island.

You Have Beach Rights!

No matter how hilarious this may sound, you must know your beach rights. This is because some hotels take advantage of the naivety of tourists and make them pay for access to the beaches where their hotels are. According to Barbados law, all the beaches on the island are meant to be public. This means that hotels can't claim any section as private. Remember, Know your rights and you won’t get played.

Eat at Cheap Restaurants

In Barbados, Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean mediocre. There are a lot of local restaurants that serve the best meals you can find on the island. One of the places you have to go to is Oistins Fish fry. Here, you will find the cheapest and most scrumptious seafood on the island. There are other places you can try out to get the full Bajan experience like Chefette, Surfer’s Café, The Boatyard, and many others. In these restaurants, you can find meals for less than £15 which is a good bargain if you ask me.

Take the Bus

You can use the bus to get to anywhere on the island, so why don't you save your taxi money and try the bus instead. Buses are a lot cheaper than taxis and with buses, you get to immerse yourself in the Barbados culture. The buses are easy to use and the drivers are always happy to help tourists to get to their destinations. You should try it.

Wrapping It Up

Barbados is an amazing island that everyone including celebrities love to enjoy. In Barbados, you do not have to spend a lot of money to have fun. The beaches are free to use and the environment is very serene. Thinking of your next vacation location? Why don't you try Barbados? It's affordable, serene and is a lot of fun. Don't believe me? Why don't you ask Rihanna?







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